Taipei Microadventures

One of my favourite things about living in Taipei is the abundance of ‘microadventures’ that you can go on. These are places you can visit, largely on public transport or on a half/full day trip.

You don’t need a lot of money, much time or even access to your own vehicle to get back to nature from Taipei. Read all about the possibilities here.

I’ve long dreamt of going on adventures. For years now I’ve spent hours upon hours scouring google and coming up with half-cocked, less-than-sensible ideas about places I could travel and things I could do. The main problem was that I always got attached to an idea for 15 minutes before jumping to something else. I’ve come up with a million other excuses too. With a microadventure, there can be no excuses.

These are budget-friendly and time-friendly returns to nature (or perhaps not). Got a half day off work or a free Saturday? These are for you. Only got the time to camp out for one night? No problem. Don’t have access to a car? A lot of these can be done using public transport. This is your opportunity to get out of the smokey city, climb the damn mountain and launch yourself into the ice cold river at the end.

Please click HERE to read all about my Taipei microadventures.

What’s a Microadventure? 
A microadventure is an adventure which is short, cheap and local to your current location. Yet it’s still exciting and rewarding too. With many people living in cities, often stuck unhappily working 9-5 jobs, a microadventure offers a realistic escape back to wilderness and a simple opportunity to find some serenity in the great outdoors. It could involve camping out on top of a hill or travelling by bike or foot on a journey you’d usually drive. It’s that simple.

Got an idea for a microadventure?
I’m still new to living in Taiwan and I’m still finding my feet. I know there is a literal (and metaphorical) mountain of things that I still don’t know. Please get in touch with your recommendations, they will be greatly appreciated.

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