Beyond Elephant Mountain: Part I – The Four Beasts (四獸山步道)

And whilst most people will get to Elephant Mountain, take a few photos and turnaround, I strongly recommend you push on. It’s not a difficult hike, but it’s well worth it and I’d argue that almost anyone could complete it providing they choose a pace which is suitable for them.

Taipei Confucius Temple (台北孔廟)

Whilst Longshan Temple is undoubtably Taiwan’s top tourist draw, at least as far as temples are concerned, the Taipei Confucius Temple is also one of the most culturally significant. Located in Da-Tong district, it’s a few metres walk from Dalongdong Boan temple – which is also one of the best temples in Taiwan.

Mt. Dadong (大棟山): Hiking from Huilong to Yingge

Without a doubt, one of the best things about living in Taipei is that you can find a near endless supply of hiking trails within minutes of the city – many of which are reachable by public transport. This is just another one of those trails.

Cycling from Xindian (新店) to Tamsui (淡水): A Photo Blog

A few months ago I decided to cycle from Xindian to Tamsui on YouBike. Why? I’m not particularly sure. Maybe because it’s about the furthest you can get on the metro. And you can effectively follow the riverside bike path the whole way. Or maybe it’s because I was bored.

Wandering through Taipei’s traditional Dihua Street (迪化街)

The varied and colourful history of Dihua Street means that you have traditional Qing Dynasty style-homes, alongside the modernist Baroque flavours brought to Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. Almost every building tells a story too – and I’m happy to share a couple of my favourite

Keelung (基隆市): An off the beaten track day trip

Whilst I’m sure I’ll eventually get around to writing blogs on some of the most popular day-trips to the likes of Jiufen, Shifen, Wulai and Yamingshan National Park, this blog will focus on one of the lesser-taken options – a day (or half day) trip to Keelung.

Elephant Mountain (象山): Taipei’s most popular hike

If you’ve read pretty much any review site, blog or guide to Taipei, you’ll find a hike up Elephant Mountain is usually in the top 3 things people recommend you to do – often taking the top spot.

Longshan (艋舺龍山寺): Taipei’s most popular temple

Taiwan is FULL of temples – over 4,000 of them. I think I even read somewhere that it has the highest number of temples per square mile anywhere in the world.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂)

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Taipei. It’s also one of the most visited, with thousands of tourists descending onto the site every day.